Who We Are?

Who are Chat 1st

Chat 1st works with like-minded groups and organisations to provide exercise and activity programmes as an intervention and recovery tool for poor mental health. Using a uniquely skilled work force from instructors to peer support workers, the team actively seek to improve the participants mental, physical and social wellbeing whatever the social setting.

Exercise and activity helps mental health by increasing your energy, managing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, releasing feel-good hormones and improving focus.

Chat 1st adds the underlying golden thread to this by getting participants talking. Using peer support workers with their own lived experience of poor mental health and the knowledge of other resources and organisations to sign post clients further, the social wellbeing of clients is improved as well as the mental wellbeing and physical health.

Our Mission

To improve the mental, physical and social wellbeing of people across Essex, by giving them the intervention and coping tools that will change their lives for the better.

Our Story…

Chat 1st is pushing forwards to create a wellbeing programme to give you the tools to have a reason for getting up every morning, to build your confidence and self worth, and to feel comfortable in your new healthy body. We are delivering activities to improve your mental, physical and social wellbeing and can’t wait to see you!

Chat 1st Award Winners

The Chat 1st team receive their Active Brentwood Sports Award at the Stars of Brentwood evening in October 2021.

Our Aims

  • To reach out to people of all ages who are living with poor mental health.
  • To deliver physical activity sessions that are affordable or free of charge to hard to reach groups.
  • To use physical activity as an intervention or coping mechanism tool to improve mental wellbeing.
  • To bring socially isolated people with poor mental health together for social wellbeing.
  • To use a team of peer support workers with their own lived experience to guide the participants through their wellbeing journey.
  • To provide a package of comprehensive sign posting material for onward referral and additional help.

What We Offer

  • Consultancy.
  • Staff training.
  • One to one supported activity.
  • Virtual Mental Wellbeing supported Classes.
  • Virtual Youth Mental Wellbeing supported Classes.
  • Face to Face supported Class delivery.
  • Face to Face supported Youth Activity delivery.
  • Peer led Wellbeing Walks.
  • Peer support.
  • MHFA qualified Instructors.
  • Autism peer led activities.
  • Dementia friendly activities.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

award winning

Chat 1st is an Award Winning Programme. An exercise intervention and coping mechanism for those struggling with poor mental health.

fully qualified

All sessions are delivered by fully qualified instructors with peer support from those with lived experience. The delivery team are qualified mental health first aiders.


The wellbeing of our members is the most important thing for Chat 1st. Our aim is to offer chat & exercise (at all levels) for support and signposting.